Friday, October 1, 2010


Pre Fayetteville, I went marketing. Vons, Ralphs, Hughes or Trader Joes. Now the term doesn't seem to fit. It's more like one-stop shop. I'm talking about Wal-mart of course. It should be convenient and I suppose in someways it is. But I miss those funky finds at Trader Joe's that turn out to be the greatest thing ever. Or walking into Ralphs looking for that off the wall infused oil or vinegar. Now it's red, white, malt and balsamic. yawn.

On the flip side, you can get new tires, buy a gallon of paint and the ammo you need for that up coming hunting trip. Oh and some people, people that remain a mystery to me.... order their wedding cake and flowers. Call me weird, but some things are just better on their own. Ya know what I mean? Go to a bakery for gods sake. Walk in and smell that sweet smell. Peek behind the glass at all of the lovely, eatable art. You know what I'm talking about... things that look to beautiful to eat but inside, you saying pass over that fork!

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