Sunday, September 12, 2010

treasure hunt

the hunt, originally uploaded by Lisa Jean.

Part of the magic of this store is the store itself.
Built in 1890, it's full of beautiful layers of brick and plaster. The open air lift, with gears and ropes exposed. The stairs, worn smooth and rounded, dipping in mid-tread. Hard wood floors with light leaks form the lower floor peeking through. It's magic I tell you. I especially love the large upstairs windows with their light flowing in and view of the square.
This place is a treasure.


  1. Antique stores are so great! This is a lovely shot. Makes me wish I as hunting right along beside her.

  2. i want to go to there! so pretty! so curious! what did you find??!

  3. on this day, i found a green fiestawear cup and saucer, and a small, 50's kitchen blender. the blender works but, has a bit of rust. it sets on a high shelf in my kitchen. the cup adds a bit of color to a group of white cups that hang on either side of my kitchen window. i like it so well i decided to hunt for a few more. I also bought two cake stands. i'm a sucker for cake stands. you know, it's part of the 'secretly wanting to be a baker' thing. :)