Saturday, August 28, 2010

left behind

August : twenty eight

I don’t fancy myself a gossip. In fact, part of my job involves asking probing questions. This is a.) partly due to regulations involving money laundering prevention, and b.) the know your client rule. This in general doesn’t constitute gossiping as I’m not sharing the information with outside parties. It is however, difficult for me in general, as I feel like it is not my business where you get your money or how you spend it... (I would be offended if someone asked me where my money is coming from or what I planed on doing with the $15K I just withdrew from my account. My answer would be that’s really not your business.) Or why you lost your job and what you plan on doing now…. although if you did lose your job or need a second income I can definitely share an opportunity with you. I ask what I have to ask to follow the rules. In my mind less is more. My partner on the other hand, has a little different view. For example, when I find out that a client is getting a divorce. I can easily ask about changing their beneficiaries, setting up an appointment to divide assets etc. My partner on the other hand wants to know the details, the why, and I think is disappointed when I don’t ask the “why” question. In general, she has the more personal relationship with them and I feel like if she wants to know the why, she should ask it herself. I on the other hand am more of a need to know kinda girl, and for me to do my job, I don’t need to know the why, just the when, where, who and how.

That being said, I do wonder the story behind some things. Why is that building empty? And what is it’s history? Or what happened to make that house family-less. This gas station, or filling station as my grandmother called them, this was once someone’s dream. What happened? Did the owner retire? Was he run out by the corporate stations, the Wal-marts and Shells, the Chevrons and BP’s? Or did he die? Does his family now own it? Did he even have a family? Or perhaps, the city or county now owns it due to a tax sell. These are the stories that I wonder about.

I guess in some ways if I was my partner, I may know the answer to some of those questions.
Coincidentally, Ray LaMontange's Gossip in the Grain came on Pandora as I posted this.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    it was interesting to read your post here today.
    I actually don't know what kind of job your are doing. But I can ask you if you think that the fact your partner attitude regarding the job is different from yours could in some way make a better whole job for you both, in the end? ( to be more clear, if you have to cook a pasta dish, You are the one who take care at boiling the pasta and she is the one who prepares the sauce)
    Or her way to make some gossip questions, nothing has to do with a good result for the job? Or you are doing the same job, but different section, so your job can not take benefit from each other works. ?

    If I can say which of the two ways of doing the job would be mine, what should be make me feel comfortable, it would be yours.
    I don't like to ask a strangers why's of things. Unless they don't do it first.
    I guess is a question more appropriate to a close friend or a family.

    ... I do love to think about people stories, and everyday life moments when I drive or I'm on the train at night passing close to houses with lights on. just to let them know that if for any reasons there is someone inside there feeling sad and sorrow ,there is someone outside saying HIII !!


  2. Ciao Luca,
    It could indeed make things a better whole. Our jobs are connected(much like your pasta dish) We are both connected with our clients, however, her connection is on a much more intimate level. To use your pasta example, she helps the clients choose the courses, and I make it happen. Basically, she sells and I produce. :)

    You have a good heart Luca. I'm happy to know you.